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Art Jamma's is on a mission to make unique creative experiences as accessible and welcoming as possible throughout South Australia. It's nomadic spirit allows it to travel and wander to local areas to deliver art classes, events and workshops on demand. 


Art Jamma and it's team are also on a mission to kill the stigma that art is only accessible to the lucky few with the skills and know how. Instead Art Jamma's team is taking art and being creative back to who it was originally for... everyone! 

Our classes are tailored by experienced teachers to run hands on classes that take people with zero to little experience, knowledge or skill and build them to a successful outcome of completing your very own art piece. And we do all of this in a relaxing setting with a zero-judgement culture.

​Currently we offer:

​Gift Vouchers and some or Art Jamma's specialty products can be purchased online, visit our store here.


​We also are big believers in giving back. That is why we run fundraising classes for local NGOs and devote 10% of  revenue of every class to organisations and individuals in need. To find out who we support click here.

​If you would like to hear more about our classes, courses and events, then visit out Classes page here. If you are looking to run a fundraising event and would like our involvement then fill out our contact form.

Otherwise, email us at or call us on 0497 841 888. We are available at regular business hours.



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Phone: 0497841888

Available at regular business hours.

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