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Jess has led the effort of connecting people with their artistic and creative side around the world. Since returning to Adelaide in 2017 she realized that the accessibility of unique creative experiences, in urban and rural communities alike, fell well short of what they could be. Since starting Art Jamma in 2018 she's seen a whole new side of South Australians coming out to do something they are nervous to try but willing to give a go.


"The best part of running a class is watching people who said at the very beginning "I'm terrible at this" or simply "I can't paint" and then watching them complete a painting and become overwhelmed with surprise and pride with what they have created", says Jess.

"Art Jamma is all about taking art and being creative back to what it was always meant for.... everyone! My teaching background has really allowed me to plan out and create classes that take everyone in the room (regardless of their ability or skill) and lead them step by step through demonstration to the same outcome. And no matter how much instruction I give, everyone's work is unique and creative. It's wonderful!"


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